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Earn by sharing products you use through photos you love

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What’s On Pic is a unique way to get a profit without any investment. All you need is your smartphone and photos. Add a tag to your photos and share them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You don’t need to have your online store or to be a seller. What’s On Pic identifies products with tags on your pics and your friends and followers can find them in the list of online shops. You immediately get a profit as soon as your friends make a purchase.


People are eager to make purchases when they see the product. The picture works as a trigger for them, especially if it is so juicy. Now you have an incredible opportunity to earn money by taking your favorite pictures and sharing them with others. What’s On Pic will take you to a new level in online marketing. It’s a real breakthrough. Just take a photo and see for yourself!


Tags have become a powerful tool that will help you earn money. Just imagine that a tag is your product. And it is really so. What’s On Pic has a catalog of products that people can see in your photos. Just tag any product in the picture and share it on your social networks.


Now your photo is not just a photo. It’s your own store! You get a profit when you share your photo on social networks and your friends click on it, follow the link and make a purchase. When your followers click on your photo, they will get features and reviews of the product as well as online stores where they can buy it. Now shopping is easier and more enjoyable with What’s On Pic!

Earn by sharing products you use through photos you love. Download on the App Store